Understanding Energy & Meditation

We are all made up of energy, each of us vibrating at a certain frequency. My goal is to help teach you how to raise your own frequency of vibration to be a happier healthier human being in addition to learning how to connect to the world unseen to us. This is a process that has to be learned and understood so patience and trust are two words you will hear over and over again.

In the physical world we vibrate much slower compared to the spirit world, which is much faster. You can learn to recognize what lower vibration energy feels like compared to a higher vibration.

Lower vibration energies will attach themselves to anyone they can. They feed off of your fear, anxiety, jealousy, depression, and any negative emotion. When you feel these emotions are too strong, there is something called the “Universal Law”, which allows you to tell them to leave your energy field, and they must.

Higher vibration energies will ALWAYS feel very comfortable and loving with a great sense of peace and knowing.

Have you experienced either of these energies? What did you feel around your body if anything? Did you hear words or just a feeling?

How can I learn how to protect myself from these lower vibration energies and at the same time open myself up to the spirit world in a safe manner?

– Through meditation

– Learning how to determine the difference between lower and higher vibration energies

– Changing all your negative thoughts to positive ones

– Appreciating every lesson as a positive one. You may not realize the positive while in the lesson, but once you move through it you should be able to see what you were to learn from that situation.

– Letting go of past negative thoughts. What happens to your body when you tense up?

– Avoid draining situations, keeping your energy to yourself. Do you find yourself saying the same thing over and over to the same person?

– Finding the humor about your lessons

– Learning to accept yourself for who you are no matter what, it’s ok to be YOU!


How can I protect myself from lower vibration energies?

For example would you leave your front door wide open to let strangers or anyone come into your house? ABSOLUTELY NOT! It equally applies to your psychic door. You need to learn how to close that door and only allow energies and thoughts to enter when you open it. The answer to this is grounding and protecting yourself.

This is all done through visualization and can be done anywhere at anytime and is recommended when going to places with large crowds. When you begin the process of connecting with the higher dimensions you will start to notice why this is so important.

Starting the meditation

I recommend 20 minutes at least 3 times a week or more. Don’t get down on yourself if you are not able, just keep it in mind to make an effort and eventually you will.

Find a quiet place where there will be no disturbances; try to make it the same place.

Eyes closed sitting in an upright position, feet flat on the floor hands folded on your lap for the first ten minutes then palms up for the last ten minutes.

You will then start with the grounding and protecting process.

Grounding- Try to imagine yourself as a tree; starting from the bottoms of your feet as if they were growing roots into the ground. Imagine them twisting winding all the way down to the middle of the earth. Imagine how thick or thin the roots will be. As you are imagining this you are saying to yourself “I am grounding myself to earth”, in addition to the roots you will then visualize a white light surrounding your whole body. In addition imagine another light going down the back of your neck, down your spine and out at the base of your spine and into the earth. This is added support for your grounding work.

Protection- Along with the white light you will surround yourself with a glass bubble for the protection of the lower vibration energies and negative thoughts from entering your space. You can choose your own prayer or you can use mine, there is no right or wrong prayer. “I am surrounding myself with the white light of the Holy Spirit Please protect me from all negativity and only allow right true accurate information to come through. Thank you God for giving me this gift of love and light.”

Then for the first 10 minutes concentrate on relaxing your body and taking yourself to a beautiful place like a secluded beach.

Your mind will start to wander with many thoughts, allow them to come in, gather them all up surround them in a balloon and send them up and away to deal with later.

If you wanted to call for higher guidance or to bring in a loved one, this is the next step.

I know this may sound odd but imagine the top of your head opening up and invite whomever it is into your energy field and that they must come from the light. If you are calling to your Spirit Guide(s) then say it, if it’s to a loved one then call them by name.

You should eventually start to hear, see or feel something during this time of asking. Be patient it may not happen the first, second or even the third time but I guarantee it will.

Closing Down

When you are getting close to the end of your meditation you will need to visualize the top of your head closing back up and leaving a pinhole size opening to only allow guidance that may need to come through.

You will then begin to thank all those who came through to assist you during your meditation (spirit guides, loved ones, angels, etc.) Thanking them is VERY IMPORTANT!

In addition you will then imagine a white light of protection surrounding yourself, family and friends while closing down. Once you’ve sent out a white light of protection all around, you can then close your hands. You are done!!

Learning the process of opening and closing is very important to strengthen your ability to switch it on and off.

It is also VERY important that when you are finished you write down and date your experience no matter how simple or detailed it may have been.

You will start to see how you progress over time.