About Karen

Karen Peterson’s first recollection of communicating with the other side came as a young girl of 12 years. It was a year when her family was faced with the loss of several relatives. During the funeral services she had a sense that the deceased were speaking to her. Karen tells how she thought it was nothing extraordinary, “It all seemed so natural, and I thought everyone heard the same as I did.”

It turns out her abilities weren’t shared by all, but the family wouldn’t understand how special Karen’s ability was until years later when she spoke to them about a conversation she had with her grandfather, who had passed away. As she recalled the conversation, others would come to realize the things she spoke of weren’t common knowledge.

A startling visit in the late night awoke Karen to a conversation with a dear friend’s mother, who had recently passed away. The mother had come to Karen asking that she relay a message to her grieving daughter. She did relay the message, and with that event, she began to search for answers that would help her understand her abilities.

According to Karen, “I discovered I had a psychic ability, and with the encouragement of others I went on to study how it worked, and attended workshops and seminars held by many of the world’s most renowned mediums.”

With knowledge of the psychic world and how it can help those who are in need of answers, Karen offers her services to individuals, couples, large groups, and classes. According to Karen “My goal is to change a negative view of death to a positive view on life, so we can learn why we are here.

Although Karen is very dedicated to her work, she thoroughly enjoys spending time with her husband, three grown daughters, son-in-laws and seven grandchildren. Karen also has several enjoyable hobbies and some of her favorites are riding a variety of bikes, water sports, and especially her passion for creating art, which is extremely therapeutic for her.

QA with Karen

When did you realize you had this ability?

Although I’ve been gifted with this ability my whole life, I didn’t realize the affect it had on people until the age of 30. I had a profound experience where I had to pass on a message to a close friend after her mother passed. It was then, that I began my journey to find answers on how I was able to do this.

Can you turn it off, or do you hear voices all the time?

I can control it to a degree, but if a spirit wants to get a message to their loved one they will create a situation to make it happen. They also don’t care where I am or what I’m doing. I’ve finally surrendered and don’t put up too much of a fight. It’s just easier for me to pass on the message and then get on with my business. Why would I not want to pass on a message anyway? I feel very honored to be able to pass on a message for someone. Also, yes I can sleep at night!!!

Can you guess what I’m thinking?

This question is funny to me, but it’s a very common one, so I thought I would answer it. I’m not a mind reader, and no, I don’t like to guess what you are thinking I have enough going on in my own head!

How do our loved ones know when to show up at a session?

Your loved ones are the ones who create the meeting, not you or I. They are ready as soon as they cross over to communicate with us. We might feel ready to hear from them immediately, but that’s not always the best choice. Each person is different with their healing process and when the time is right they will create the meeting for you.

Can you see our loved ones?

I see them in my mind’s eye, not physically in front of me. Picture right now what the front of your house looks like in your mind’s eye. I’m also able to hear in my thoughts as well as get feelings to interrupt the messages coming through.